Test Readability is Easy

Why we blog? Simply because you want to deliver a message to your reader.

Who are your readers? You write for the World.

As content writers our top priority when writing anything is to keep the reader in mind.

When I started blogging I noticed one most neglected factor with web content is Readability.

What is readability?

readabilityReadability is the capacity to which a person can read a passage of text and understand and recall what they just read. Website readability is often under-rated but a writer should keep in mind that this is one way to communicate effectively.

Reading on the web is not easy.

Computer monitors have a low screen resolution, and their projected light quickly makes our eyes fatigue. Moreover, many websites and applications are built by people with no formal training in the art of typography or graphic design.

Studies show that the typical American adult reads at about a 7th or 8th grade level. When it comes to reading content on the Internet things get more tricky because the web poses particular challenges and opportunities regarding how information is read and understood.

Therefore, here are simple techniques when writing web content:

  • The average user will read at most 28% of the words on a web page, so make the words you use count.
  • Use this Readability Tool to test how readable your website content is
  • Use clear, direct, and conversational language.
  • Avoid exaggerated boastful text instead provide useful specific information.
  • Keep paragraphs short, and limit yourself to one idea per paragraph.
  • Use time-saving and attention grabbing tips such as writing ’1000′ instead of ‘one-thousand’
  • Use bullet lists
  • Make sure images used support the content
  • Use the inverted-pyramid style of writing, keeping your most important information at the top.

Testing readability is easy. Take time to check yours!

Here is the result for this blog post.


About the beauty of success by gela guiuo

I'm Gela Guiuo from Philippines and I'm addicted to optimism. I created this blog to inspire and motivate every human being with my words. I believe that we need to understand that life is beautiful to truly appreciate and love life. It's all start within and with the right mindset every goal is achievable. Cheers to a happy life!

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