5 Tips For Time Management

time managementEverything in this world is run by time, from a puny thing like one second of time being spent on logging on your facebook to the most important speech given by the president informing the world is coming to an end by colliding with mars.

Therefore it is not at all surprising people are working hard to maximize their time by proper management.

Everyone in this world is mortal, and the average life span of humans is also showing decline, there are so many natural catastrophes happening due to the abuse we caused to the environment all the time, ever since man landed on planet earth. Maybe this is the reason why everyone is trying to do everything in a short span of time.

The fear to die, unforgiving minutes running away, decreasing our life span by every minute, hour and day etc has forced us to become multi taskers.

You should not cause panic to yourself by thinking that you are losing time, if you do proper time management you can get the benefit of every nanosecond that is passing by without ever repenting about it. If we know how to make use of whatever time we have got in this world we will be the most blessed people on earth.

Some experts say, we spend 20% time and get 80 % rewards with the use of time and conversely we may spend 80% of time and get only 20% of rewards if we do not know the effective time management. Therefore we should stick to engaging in such kind of activities by utilizing 20 % time and getting 80% rewards and not do activities where we spend 80% time and get only 20% rewards.

We may not reap all the benefits from every single activity that we do, we should try at least to get the most of what we do and get good value of time .We should not get tempted by greed, and try to do everything in a single span of time to reap greater benefits and rewards. This is only gamble and no rewards will come rushing if we do so. Therefore proper time management is the key to greater benefits

Following are few tips that might be helpful to you for your time management;

Tip 1: Say No when Necessary:

Many people take too much of work and are unable to handle in the given span of time .Due to the overload of work, the get burdened and instead of enjoying their work the y are completing it only because it has to be done. In times like these when you have no time for yourself and how can you please anyone else by doing their work. When you get in similar situation, learn to say no when it is necessary for you .You can say no very politely without showing any signs of you not wanting to do the work but are unable to do because of the overload. Always take as much as you can do. Learn to calculate properly, it will help you in the long run.

Tip 2: Prioritizing:

List down all the work you have to do and place them in the order, the most important ones being on the top and least at the last of the list. This will save you lot of time.

Tip 3: Evaluation of tasks:

Most of us see our mails, read through them then keep them for a later date to act. For instance, if you receive some kind of questionnaire from somewhere, you would automatically tend to keep it for a later date to fill. This is a simple waste of time. When you refer this questionnaire later, you may have to read through again to get familiar with the whole thing all over again, again you tend to waste your time here. Therefore, whenever possible just finish your task then and there only, keeping it for later date means only leaving room for time wastage.

Tip 4: Delegate:

When some things that are to be done do not need your personal attention, then get them done by someone else. Therefore delegate. Also do not take unnecessary work which other people want to delegate to you .Do not misunderstand this tip. Delegating your work to others does not mean in any case that the work you are supposed to do should be given to others and also you should not help other. You can do all this only when you have finished your important works you were supposed to do.

Tip 5: Follow a schedule:

Give appropriate time for each task that you are to do.Truely speaking you can neither say you have no time or you are too busy to do the tasks you are supposed to do. List down your important things on top which are to be done. Stick to your schedule religiously. Do what is important and needs to be done. If you ever feel that you are burdened with work, sit cool and assess the situation. You can tackle anything and everything with proper time management.

Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life. ~Alan Lakein


About the beauty of success by gela guiuo

I'm Gela Guiuo from Philippines and I'm addicted to optimism. I created this blog to inspire and motivate every human being with my words. I believe that we need to understand that life is beautiful to truly appreciate and love life. It's all start within and with the right mindset every goal is achievable. Cheers to a happy life!

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