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A Positive Attitude and Confidence Brings SUCCESS

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Winston Churchill.

Positive attitude is a strong link that connects with confidence and performance. Think of a stage performer who has stage fright.

Either and positive or a negative thought can make or break what happens on that stage. How do we keep our state of mind focused, mentally alert and tuned to the positive, optimistic side of things.confidence

We do not spend a lot of time thinking about it, until we see the extremes at work in our lives and relationships, personally and professionally, either positive or negative. Hugh Downs once quipped equally eloquently that a happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.

So what are we to make of this all?

Positive attitude, thoughts, actions, beliefs, learned behavior, genetics, predispositions, it is all a state of mind, mind over matter and easy to do, most wisdom and thought out there currently tote. When it comes to the practicalities thought insights remains sparse and the battle is ongoing.

The jury is out in most cases on how exactly this mind-body-soul type connection actually works, secrets, laws of attractions, power of positive thought, there certainly are numerous musing available on the topic.

Just try thinking at the thoughts you had in the last couple of minutes as you were starting to read this blog, what were your thoughts? What were you saying to yourself? Were your thoughts positive or negative?

See, most will find it strange that anyone should ask, they never really thought about it much and we are all similarly unawares of all this inquiry, self-talk, questioning, critique that goes on inside our minds!

SO everyone’s advice of making a conscious effort to think with an optimistic attitude and anticipate positive outcomes seems more of a insurmountable task as we will have thousands of thoughts literally every day, hour, minute, second and to deem the either, revise them to overwhelmingly positive ones at that seems almost impossible to undertake and effectively do.

What Can It Do For You?

Once and for all, you can change negative self-fulfilling prophesies and negative self-talk, setting yourself up to fail. You can actively, deliberately do a 180 degree turn and start thinking in a positive manner about yourself and your life, your future. You can be happy and successful, experience life to its fullest. Actively make better, more positive choices, choose your process and outcome and be more in control, not a victim of circumstance.

Happiness over sadness, smiles over tears, do not deny yourself emotions and upset, just put a different spin and light (perspective) on it and you will see life, outlook, prospects, mood change.

Find the silver lining in every dark cloud and you will start seeing things you never would have otherwise. Be, get and stay optimistic and positive despite what might be challenging and getting you under right this very minute.

Take a longer view, futuristic and forward-focused. Be good humored, patient and look for what life and tomorrow has to offer for you. Dismiss worries and stress, negative thinking and ban worry from your life. Ensure that you surround you with others who are positive also, be inspiring, affirm to yourself happiness, health, powerful positive mantras that motivate and let you reach higher, believe in yourself, embrace potential, promise and opportunity. That is the nature and scope of a positive attitude!

Dare to speak into reality what you wish for to be, master your thinking and wayward mind, concentrate, focus and reflect on things more often, at every opportunity and you might surprised how different things might be in the morning!

The benefits of a positive attitude abound, stretching deep, reaching high, far and wide, for a variety of things in life. There are many faces, guises and ways that it will manifest itself in both your personal and professional life.

If you have positive attitude you and others will recognize:

– An innate and undeniable ability to inspire and motivate self and others.

– Confidence and self-belief

– Goal achievement

– Happy and energetic, more life-force, driven and determined, more stamina, endurance and perseverance, greater inner power and strength.

– Success faster, readily, easily, without much hassle – seemingly seamless and almost effortless, by default

– Less hurdles, obstacles and difficulty to overcome on life’s path

– Overcoming trouble and problems easily, finding solutions quickly, almost on demand

– More open-minded and welcoming

– Gaining respect for self, by others

– Positive attitude believes you can, say yes, negative attitude just the opposite

So live LIFE positively and to the fullest with lots of confidence!


Practical Tips for SUCCESS

Here are some great ways to practically get, be and keep a positive attitude and what it can do for you in your life and future:Success

  • Accept yourself and share with other thoughts and actions, borne of deep inner peace and tranquility, self-confidence and positive attitude – see the day, lives and future change right before your eyes.
  • Avoid all forms of negative judgmental self critique, back talk, self-chatter that is self defeating(what some call our inner critic or conscience).
  • Communication and the ability to express what you want, say, think, feel is paramount. If you are coming from a point of a positive attitude you will be best served coming across as confident, credible, reliable, etc.
  • Here are some more wise words from Carl Jung: “Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”
  • Make precious moments count and collect memories that last a lifetime. Do not bear burdens from the past, reconcile and ask/grant forgiveness, no grudges, no regrets, banning negativity from your life, can have far-reaching effects and impact on your health and even longevity. You are one functioning whole and letting go is the only way to embrace what is to come.
  • Take care or the small, sentimental, significant things and people in and around your life,doing the things you enjoy.
  • Make and keep things positive. Make a point of it to surround yourself with upbeat and similarly positive energy and individuals. See the pleasure in the little and simple things.
  • Lend a helping hand and believe in human goodness once again.
  • Do a favor for someone else, pay it forward, run and errand for someone, volunteer or entertain an elderly person by reading their favorite book or poetry, serve your community of join a special interest group working with teens, troubled youngsters, food-bank etc.
  • Find your inner self and reflect more on your peace, contribution and sharing that you have to give.
  • Think of yourself as achieving something great in life – having purpose and meaning, direction to your life and existence.
  • Expect better and the most from and for yourself. Learn from both success and failure to succeed, which is just another way of learning more, new things, even if only what not to do (again). Keep the hope alive…
  • To love and be loved is a very real thing, without which our lives will be characterized by distrust, mistrust, fear, depression, guilt, anger, un-forgiveness, and every negative thought and emotion imaginable. Make disconnection reconnection and see the humor, fun side to life ever so often.
  • Boost your confidence and be a lifelong learner, keeping your faculties sharp as a tack.
  • Involve and engage self and others in mental activities, gaming, social networks, to improve confidence levels and provide positive attitude derivative coping mechanisms. Nutrition, exercise, wellness, mood and attitude go hand in hand.