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7 Tips for Making the Most of your FACEBOOK Fan Page

You might be asking yourself “what do Fan Pages have to do with Advertising?” The short answer is: “Everything!”

Here are the tips how you can make the most of it.facebook fan page

1. Decide on a tone for your page. Is it going to be chatty? Young?  Old? Humorous? “Up”? Reflective? Healing? Only you can answer that question… but your tone should be consistent with the “persona” you want your company (or you) to display

2. Use interactive media (reviews inviting reader opinion, videos inviting commentary, discussions, charming little graphic games, quizzes or puzzles). (They tell you never to use humor in business… but Fan Pages are ideally suited to humor, as long as your business entity is also suited to it. You can use humorous games and videos to engage and entertain your viewer – and Facebook is all about the entertainment!)

3. Add a Facebook “Like” link so that people can judge your videos and puzzles. You might think that’s risky… but notice there is no “DISlike” link provided!

4. Provide rewards for fans – especially if they help spread the word. This is not the same as providing an affiliate link: The “rewards” could be as small as free virtual gifts they can access.

5. If appropriate, provide real-time status updates – give people a reason to constantly refer to your fan page.

6. Consider displayer user-created content on your page. This can be risky, but monitoring it so you can quickly remove truly inappropriate content will not only help keep things positive, but ensure your other fans don’t get put off by unpleasant content.

7. Make sure you place your Fan Page under the best category – one with what Facebook likes to call “social relevance”.

The category in which potential fans are likely to visualize a businesslike yours (it may not be the most obvious!)

It all goes towards making sure people read your Ads and are reminded your business entity is wonderful, every time they see one. It ensures they’ll press the “Like” button, increasing the likelihood of sending their friends to click on your ads and “become a fan” – and stay engaged with you and your products – too.

You can also do things such as tying advertising campaigns to special events – either “broad” ones such as the winter Olympics or the Super Bowl… or “local” ones such as your local Trillium-circuit horse show. (You  can also ad to your company’s positive image by tying advertising campaigns to causes: “for every virtual shamrock you send, $1.00 will be donated to…”) But don’t just stop there – reinforce your Ad campaigns by also publicize these special events and your offer on your Fan Page.

But the one thing never to lose sight of…Your Facebook Fan Page should be fun, or at the very least, rewarding to visit.